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Pricing (in USD)

(Per character)
*Up to +1$ for complex designs

Bust: 2.75$ (~3.50 CAD)

(+1.6$ (~2.05 CAD) per extra character)
Masks by Kamikoroshu Lolipop by Kamikoroshu

Waist: 3.50$ (~4.50 CAD)

(+2.35$ (~3.00 CAD) per extra character)
...guess that's it, huh? by Kamikoroshu 002 Sketch by Kamikoroshu

Knees: 4.25$ (~5.35 CAD)

(+3.10$ (~3.90 CAD) per extra character)
Become Human by Kamikoroshu Let's Gamble by Kamikoroshu

Fullbody: 4.50$ (~5.75 CAD)

(+3.15$ (~4.05 CAD) per extra character)
Nostalgia by Kamikoroshu Boy by Kamikoroshu

Fullbody Chibi: 3.5$ (~4.50 CAD)

(+2.35$ (~3.00 CAD) per extra character)
Chibi Rem Sketch by Kamikoroshu

I draw:
  • Anime/Game characters
  • Original characters (OCs)
  • Real people in anime style
  • Animals & creatures (ex: Pokemon)
  • Humanoid/Anthro
  • NSFW (Ecchi & partial nudity)
  • Violence and gore
I don't draw:
  • Mecha
  • Heavily muscular people
  • Realistic style
  • Complex backgrounds


  1) Order details. Please send me a private note/message providing the following:
  • Your e-mail:
  • Type:
  • References (for OCs and real life people) or Character's name & media they're from (so I can google for references).
  • [Optional] Character's pose, personality or other details.
  2) Payment - PAYPAL ONLY.
  3) I will send an initial rough sketch, you may ask for minor changes.
  4) Finished drawing will be sent to you by e-mail. I might also tag you if I decide to post it on Deviantart.

Other details

  • You will receive a jpg picture of the drawing (will be drawn on plain white paper unless otherwise specified).

Feel free to send me a note or leave a comment if anything is unclear,
Thank you :)